Chef's Menu

Welcome to Daloli Mediterranean Cuisine...
Where freshness, aromas and colours are combined with Greek rational and summer attitude...


  • Greek selection with variety of traditional flavours (fish roe creamed salad, aubergine dip, tzatziki salad) to dip with Kithira & Cretan islands rusks & crostini’s
  • Tomato mille Feuillet & “mastelo Chios white cheese”, fresh mint, olive oil & Greek pittas.
  • Santorini traditional tomato balls with fresh herbs & yogurt dip.
  • Smoked mackerel with “mauromatika beans salad, parsley, red onion & chilly red peppers.
  • Octopus grilled & slow cooked creamed fava bean with white onions & lemon aroma.
  • Langoustine & salmon tartar napoleon with herbed avocado-tomatoes salad & savory crème fraise.
  • Pepper crust seared sea bass fillet on celery “slow” salad with crispy red zakyntthos onions & citrus oil.
  • Shallow fried baby shrimp from Simi island on a bed of spicy tomato reduction, feta, thyme & ouzo aroma.


  • Classic Greek salad
  • Mille Feuillet salad with baby greens, crumbled manouri cheese, toasted pinenuts, & sundried tomato vinaigrette.
  • Fresh arugula leaves & vine tomatoes with toasted almonds & balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Greek nicoise salad with seasonal green beans, baby greens, hard-boiled egg, sardines, olives, tuna & lemon vinegraitte.
  • Seasonal green salad leaves with dried figs, fresh melon, toasted walnuts & orange- soya vinaigrette. With or without parmesan flakes.

Pasta, Risotto & more...

  • Bulgur risotto with sauté shrimps, Zucchinis, fresh herbs & ouzo buttered sauce.
  • Barley Risotto with fresh seafood & tomato herbed sauce.
  • Risotto Negro with fried calamari & lemon dill sauce.
  • Spaghetti with vine cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves & herbed olive oil sauce.
  • Tagliatele with sauté chicken, spring onion, garlic & creamed soya.
  • Lobster linguine cooked in lobster juices & fresh tomato with herbs.
  • Seafood pasta with fruity di mare, white wine & light flavor of garlic.

Meat & Poultry

  • Grilled veal fillet with thyme-honey butter, served with country style potato wedges.
  • Angus Rib-eye grilled & asparagus raped with bacon. Served With merlot Greek wine sauce on the side.
  • Lamb fillet with grilled zucchini, sauté vine tomatoes & garlic cream with rosemary.
  • Pan-seared lamb chops with herbed crust, served with seasonal green beans & warm crumble potato.
  • Chicken leg fillet broiled with feta & marjoram sauce. Served with bulgur salad.
  • Chicken breast tagliata with quinoa – wild rice salad & yogurt vinaigrette.

Fish & Seafood

  • Sauté sea bass fillet with crayfish & Kalamata olives mash, served with creamy celery & dill sauce.
  • Grilled sea bream fillet on smoked aubergine with herbed tomato sauce & red Zakynthos onions.
  • Broiled Grouper on a bed of Briam sauce (oven cooked vegetables with herbs). Served with bulgur-parsley salad.
  • Local fresh fish of the day. Broiled whole with its juices. Served with seasonal steamed vegetables & selection of sauces (lemon olive oil vinaigrette, chilly mayo, hollandaise sauce).
  • Lobster, Langoustines & King prawns platter with mango salad & avocado chilly dip.
  • Platter of steamed shellfish selection in dry white Santorini wine with chives, parsley & spring onions. Served with grilled garlic bread & fresh butter.


  • Lemon mille Feuillet with Buttered filo crust & trimmed chilled chocolate.
  • Classic Tiramisu creamed.
  • Belgian chocolate tart with white chocolate mousse & fresh strawberries.
  • Traditional walnut pie with orange cinnamon syrup & vanilla ice cream.
  • Old but gold chocolate soufflé with pistachio ice cream.
  • Greek cheese cake with rusks biscuits & figs marmalade.