Our crew

Nine professional crew members are ready to warmly welcome the guests onboard! 10 lucky guests will be fully pampered and will enjoy from the Daloli Chef delicious tastes of Meditarranean cuisine!


Captain: Vasilis Michalopoulos ⚓️

Vasilis is 42 years old and has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Preveza in 1999. He holds an A' class Captain's diploma and in his past experience he has worked successfully in various passengers ships and yachts. He is patient, kind and will ensure that the guests will be warmly welcomed onboard! He has worked many years in the yachting industry and he is very experienced with charters. Vasilis guarantees that the guests will be fully spoiled and will enjoy the turquoise waters of the Greek islands! When not working, he loves spending time with his two kids! He also enjoys all kind of extreme sports, diving and playing football. Vasilis is with the same Owner for more than 7 years. Speaks Greek, English and Spanish (basic).

Chief Officer: Charilaos Farmakis (Greek)

Charilaos has graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos in 2013, holding a Captain Class B' - Chief Officer's License. Having worked for many years in motor vessels, he decided to challenge himself and enter the yachting industry. His team spirit as well as his passion for his job are a guarantee that the guests will have a smooth cruise during their charter. When not working, Charilaos likes swimming and going to the gym. Speaks Greek, english and Spanish (basic).

Chef: Petros Mais (Greek)

Petros holds a Diploma of Culinary Arts In Depth training for Greek traditional cuisine and other international culinary arts. The hospitality industry was always his passion and after working as a private Chef in Athens, Mykonos and London, he decided to join the yachting world. His flexibility to create dynamic dishes with unique styling as well as his professional attitude and cleanness will surely impress the guests. Petros will successfully mix fresh flavours and will present breathtaking meals with amazing tastes! In his free time, he likes sports and reading industry related books and articles. Speaks Greek, English and French (basic).


Chief Stewardess: Vaya Tsatsi (Greek)

Vaya is 29 years old and has been working several years as a Chief Stewardess on private and charter yachts with great passion and enthusiasm! Her genuine smile in combination with her creative nature and practical spirit will assure a smooth and enjoyable stay onboard! Vaya is super fast, has great hospitality skills and a welcoming personality! Vaya will be delighted to welcome the guests onboard and make them feel like home! She is a great team with Captain Vasilis for many many years! In her free time, she enjoys traveling and listening to music! Speaks Greek, English and German (basic).


Stewardess: Evangelia Ardangelou (Greek)

Evangelia is 28 years old and has graduated from the Tourism & Hospitality School few years ago. She holds Certificates in First Aid,Life Guarding and she has worked as a lifeguard in the past. She has also attended professional Butler Courses that gave her the opportunity to learn more about the service techniques and table set-ups. Her warm personality and positive character makes her a delightful part of Daloli crew! She will ensure than the guests will have an enjoyable cruise onboard, whilst exploring truly amazing destinations! In her spare time, she likes hiking and swimming. Speaks Greek and English.

Stewardess: Anna Lamaj (Albanian)

Anna holds a Master of Science in Environmental and Energy Management from the University of Piraeus. She is a dynamic and motivated professional with a great interest in environmental management and conservation.  She has been an activist and volunteer in many associations. Being a highly responsible and reliable person with excellent communication skills, Anna will fully pamper the guests onboard. In her free time, she likes listening to music and spending time with her family. Speaks Greek, English and Albanian.

Engineer: Vasilis Koukoulas (Greek)

Vasilis is 55 years old and has graduated from the National Merchant Marine school of Asden. He holds an A' Class Engineer's Diploma and has participated in various seminars in Merchant Marine Officers' Training Center for Engineers. With an extensive knowledge in Life Saving, Fire fighting and First Aid techniques, he is a very skilled member of the crew of DALOLI. He started his career on motor vessels in 1992 and decided to join the yachting industry in 1998. There is no question about the huge experience of Vasilis which will ensure a safe cruise onboard DALOLI. In his free time, he likes doing martial art and listening to music. Speaks Greek and English.


Deckhand: George Dimakopoulos (Greek)

George is 41 years old and has joined the yachting industry with great passion for the sea! He is a dive Master since 2014 and a Certified Motor Boat Operator since 2015. George is a very kind person with pleasant personality and he will be responsible for the guests' safety onboard. When not working, he enjoys diving and playing with his kids. Speaks Greek and English.


Deckhand: Fotis Mariolis (Greek)

Fotis is 27 years old and he has been working in the yachting industry for more than six years with great enthusiasm and professionalism as a mechanical engineering technician and deckhand. He holds a Speed Vessel Operator Diploma and a Bosun Licence. He is an enthusiastic person and strong enough to help Captain Vasilis with all necessary works onboard. In his free time, he enjoys walking with his family and friends. Speaks Greek and English.